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Is the home study multifamily course much different from the acre course.Is there a lot of new or different info presented.I was thinking of purchasing it for 387$ which is the price before oct 15 and 587$ after.
For those that went for the course is it money well spent or will the acre be sufficient for now.


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In my view it`s money very well spent! i went to the event and it was excellent. Lots of very very valuable information which complements the ACRE program.


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Hi there,

Hard to compare the ACRE Home Study and the Multi-Family Home Study, the have a completely different focus. ACRE is geared towards teaching investors the fundamentals of real estate investment, something every investor should have, but more focused on single family purchases. There is some multi-family information in the ACRE program, but not multi-family specific focus. I would say you must go through the entire ACRE program before even considering multi-family investing, you have know know the fundamentals of real estate before jumping in to such a large purchase.

With that said, the Multi-Family Home Study is 100% focused on buying `plexes`, 5 units/building and up, so if this is your focus there is no better education out there. Many investors will eventually get into plexes, maybe nothing huge, but 5-12 units, so having the knowledge found in the Multi-Family Home Study will be invaluable - always better to have the knowledge before you need it than scrambling to learn b/c a deal came up....

If you`re just starting out focus on the ACRE program and learn it inside and out. But, if you`re ready to jump into bigger purchases the Multi-Family Home Study is the perfect program.

Hope this helps.


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I here it represents an extraordinary value for the discerning educational material purchaser


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QUOTE (housingrental @ Oct 9 2010, 08:48 AM) I here it represents an extraordinary value for the discerning educational material purchaser

Detecting a note of irony here...