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Multifamily Underwriting FREE Masterclass - November 23rd 5pm PT

Cory Sperle

REIN Member
Sep 1, 2010
Multifamily Investing in 2023 has CHANGED DRAMATICALLY.

Learn how to underwrite deals LIKE A PRO - With everything you need to know heading into 2024. Get a jump start on the competition and learn:

* Which critical metrics to use, and which do not work.
* How quickly underwrite and eliminate 90% of listings.
* How lenders, appraisers, property managers underwrite.
* Best underwriting strategies going into 2024.
* MAJOR changes to CMHC underwriting - and why you may not wish to use them.

This webinar will be fully sold out - Register NOW to hold your spot, and see you on the 23rd of November!

Register for the FREE Masterclass HERE

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