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Hello Friends!

Just started reading the book and below is my vision. Any feedback would be awesome. I look forward to connecting with members in this forum.

What will real estate give me?

It's a chilly winter morning. Currently I reside at Toronto address in the house of my mother where I am a part owner and occupy the basement. The house was fully paid off in 2024. We also have a great tenant that lives with us. I hear the bird chirping in the morning as I am getting ready for work. I spend most of my time with my son Andreas, he will be turning 15 in a few months and I have to say he’s an amazing kid. In life I have always done what peaks my interest and it’s no different now. I look forward to my next vacation trip in January.

The Fire and Building code is where I spend most of my work time and free time ensuring I earn money from both, hands on and hands off.
Reggae music keeps me calm during tough times and I still listen to it quite often. Looking back at 2020 I got into the best shape of my life, so I thought. Today I continue to exercise and eat well.

Giving back to society is very important to me. Owning and operating rooming houses ensure I provide housing support for those vulnerable in society.
My network worth is $3,000,000 and my monthly cash flow is $3,000 per month. - December 20, 2025

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Nice vision.

Focus less on vision and more on specific actionable action steps towards your goal though. Plans or visions are easy. Planning ie breaking it down into specific smaller action steps are harder and then actually consistently doing them is very hard.

Specifically: how much do you plan to save every month? What items will be cut to achieve that goal? What parts of Canada or US will you focus your real estate investment career on and what asset types? What will you do to increase your income? When do you plan the cozy parents nest?

Some thoughts on how to get started here