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MY VISION - What I want to get out of real estate investing, 5-year outlook.
This is the first iteration of my answers to the 10 questions posed in Chapter 3 of Don R. Campbell's book, Real Estate Investing in Canada. My vision is written in the present tense, although it represents where I want to be 5 years from now.

1. I live in Mississauga, ON.
-My wife and I own our home
-My neighbourhood is a suburb of the GTA with several green spaces and bike paths
-Mixed evergreen and deciduous trees and open grass fields in the parks, with squirrels, rabbits, and blue jays most commonly seen
-BBQ smoke and freshly cut grass smells fill the air in the summertime
-I hear laughter and the clinking sounds of sharing some cold drinks with good friends

2. I spend most of my time with my lovely wife and our friends.
-She is happy and fulfilled, and supportive
-We get to spend lots of time with each other and our dog
-I can usually carve out about 1-2 hours of time to myself each day

3. I work at my corporate job full time because it is enjoyable and challenging, and spend free time on my passion projects including my real estate investing.
-I am happiest and fulfilled when I work through and solve problems, build toward my future, and develop a sense of mastery in a field that I have deep knowledge in

4. I travel for business and for pleasure.
-Canada and US for business, meeting with customers and building solid working relationships
-Vacations are to Caribbean destinations, Greek Islands, and Asia

5. My health is good.
-Bloodwork is normal, weight is stable at around 200-210 lbs
-I exercise 3-4 times per week, and can keep up with my friends playing hockey when I get the opportunity to hit the ice

6. I explore new music regularly, and create and record my own musical ideas on the guitar.

7. I enjoy weekend road trips, golfing, cottaging with friends in Ontario, keeping active on the community bike paths, preparing flavourful and healthy meals, and hosting backyard barbecues for my friends and family.

8. I contribute as a member of my faith community - regularly giving to the church and attending Sunday worship.

9. I have about $2500 coming in per month from passive investments.

10. My N.W. is approx. $500,000 and growing.

I have a personal mantra that will help remind me of my vision and maintain my focus: "Make it happen."
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Nice. No kids ?

No promotions? No 60-70h corp job?

But a networth of only 500,000 (which presumably includes your house) can’t generate $30,000/yr in income esp if it’s growing. Some reading here.

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Thanks for the info! No kids yet so I thought now is a great time to get my focus established and goals defined before/if that happens. Thanks for explaining re: networth and cashflow expectations. Still new at this - At this point I'm trying to learn, expand my network, and find my team.