Need a great mortgage broker in the Edmonton area.


I am in search of a skilled mortgage broker in the Edmonton area. Would like somebody who:
-is a top performer
-is experienced in working with real estate investors
-is a real estate investor themselves
-is experienced in working with the self employed

To give a brief overview...would like to buy older bungalows for the most part, develop legal basement suites and reappraise upon completion, using funds for the next property.

Therefore, any broker who has access to lenders who have:
-quick turnaround time for appraisals (no 8 or 9 month grace period from suite completion to ability to access funds from reappraisal)
-has a history of favorable appraisal numbers
-has a favorable formula to help use current and/or future rental income to help client qualify
-can look at the long term, big picture and use out of the box methods for approval to ensure I won't hit a wall after 3 or 4 properties.

Low interest rates are great, but I would rather pay a slightly higher rate and have 7 or 8 properties in 10 years vs paying .25% less and being tapped out after 3 or 4 properties with a traditional bank.

Thanks in advance.
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Dear Advantage:
It sounds like what you want to do is use the reno to hold method to build your portfolio. This is certainly a viable way to do so and I am the Mortgage Broker you are looking for. I am a certified REIA, Licensed Mortgage Professional, Real Estate Investor Since 2003, work with Real Estate Investors and self-employed for mortgage financing. I am located in Calgary, however I am often in Edmonton as I have family there and have access to every lender that can work with your reno-hold plan. I also happen to be very knowledgeable in Secondary Suites and used to work as a junior underwriter with a private lender and have an in depth understanding of the valuation of property.

I would love to have a phone conversation with you so we can discuss your plans further. Please give me a call this week.

Keith Uthe, REIA
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Hello Advantage,
Ron Lefebvre with Pure Mortgages is AMAZING!! You may find his info at He's completed 4 mortgages and 2 refinances for me and is hand down one of the best around. We have 2 joint properties together and has a wall of awards for his professional services.