Own Part of a Multi Family Building And Earn Up to 80%


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Do You Want To Take Your Investment Level Up To Multi-Family Buildings? What`s Stopping You? Not Enough Knowledge, Experience, System, Team?
We Have It All...And We Want To Share It With You.

On June 11th and June 21st , find out how you can get into the Multi-Family buisiness sooner than you think.

We will show you:
[list type=decimal][*]What trends we are seeing in the next 5 years that will make Multi Family buildings the most lucrative real estate business to be in right now[*]Why Multi Family buildings can earn you far greater returns than single family homesHow increasing the rent by only $1 you raise the building value by $200. Or realistically raise the rents by $100/suite and raise the value by almost $400,000.How in flat markets apartment buildings can earn you more than 200%[/list type=decimal]We will also show a quick and easy way to own part of a Multi Family building(s) TODAY and not have all the hassles that come with it.

Our newest offering offers a conservative rate of return of up to 80% or more in 5 years or less. Best of all it is RRSP elligible.

Make sure to sign up for our next seminar TODAY at: www.investplusproperties.com

InvestPlus Properties Canada Ltd. specializes in acquiring, managing and operating multi-family residential properties that are often poorly managed and under-valued, yet located in strong economic regions of North America. The InvestPlus team of financial, adminstrative and property management experts manages over 80 suites of secure propfitable real estate valued at over $15 Million dollars. In the past 10 years InvestPlus Properties hasn`t missed one mortgage payment, one utility bill or one renovation cost.

Our tested and proven system continues to make our clients invetment flourish every time. In fact none of our investors have ever lost any money.
Our first and formemost priority is to provide you with superior retuns that are save, secure and reliable through proven strategies and experience. Our target rate of return is 15% to 20% annully. So far our track record show we have blown these rates of return out of the "ball park".

By investing with InvestPlus in well selected real estat investment properties throughout Canada, you benefit from quarterly cas-flow, principle reduction and equity appreciation.

Join us in our already-travelled-Journey to wealth!

Take control of your destiny now and benefit from the next InvestPlus opportunity. An please don`t hesitate to contact us for more information.

InvestPlus Properties Canada Ltd.
email: dsmandato@investplusproperties.com
Tel: (403) 663.8772
Toll Free: (877) 663.8772