Renting during Covid19


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I have a unit that needs to be rented for May 1st. Is anyone else in this situation. I don’t want to show it. I also don’t want to lose rent.

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Not sure this helps.......

You don’t want to show it......You loose rent.
You don’t want to loose rent.......You want to show it.


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We don’t have any vacancies at the moment but this is what we would consider. It doesn’t hurt to advertise to see if there is interest, and build a list of interested people worse case. Ideally the property has been cleaned and empty for at least 2 weeks so you could include that in your listing to reassure people. You could offer video viewings, we actually did this with 2 properties last year for people moving from Ontario and they have been great tenants, same questions, same application form and ref checks. You could also talk to a local property management company to ask what they are doing. I spoke to one and they said, still doing showings but they wait until the property is empty.

Of course if there is a full mandated lockdown by the government that’s a different matter and landlords will have to manage to carry empty properties the best we can with whatever help is available.