Rochester Real Estate Investing?


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I saw some really good deals that involve properties that go for something like $40,000 average and have average net cash flows of $300 to $400 per month. I don't know if this is too good to be true or not. Has anybody here invested in Rochester, NY?

Thomas Beyer

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[quote user=ClintL]Rochester, NY?

What will the future hold for Rochester, NY ? Why would price go up ? What is the in-migration to Rochester ? Sounds like Detroit to me .. but I know nothing about Rochester except it is south of Lake Ontario, in the highly indebted and partisan US, with a declining Kodak photo industry and freezing winters and humid summers.

Do some research on UPSIDE of any city .. then decide. Many places in the US (or elsewhere) are cheap for a reason, and may go lower or stay low for years/decades ! Invest where there are jobs AND where people move to .. And to me very few states qualify, primarily TX, AZ and a few SE states like GA or MI I know little about due to physical distance.


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Heard from a few people operations were no good and didn't see upside

Other's experience might vary

As Thomas has posted above - why look to Rochester?