Seeking professional to develop commercial property in Alberta.


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Not looking for free advice here. We are looking for paid expertise, which may include a joint venture and/or someone in a consulting role.

We own 22 acres - free and clear through a corporation - a few km north of Camrose, on a hiway, across from the auction, near the airport. We are interested in developing it for commercial purposes. This may include RV and/or mini storage, commercial bays, warehousing, or any combination of the above. We think the residential possibilities are limited but aren't ruling anything out. Our experiences are in owning houses and condos.

We will need help to:

Research and determine the best options for the property.
Develop a business plan.
Rezone and possibly subdivide.
Secure financing for the development.
Execute the plan.

It might be best to PM me but you can also answer in this thread.

Thank you for your time.