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Shovel Ready, DP Approved Land for 28 THs in Oliver in S-Okanagan

Thomas Beyer

REIN Member
Aug 30, 2007
Here is the listing for our 1.4 acre land on river close to downtown Oliver in S-Okanagan.

DP approved for 7 4-plexes, each being a 3 BR ~1850 sq ft three level townhouse. That may interest you or some smaller builder / developer in your circle of influence.

28 THs that will sell for 650-750,000. Cost of 350-400 to build. Plus land & remainder of servicing as water & sewer on site and remainder at site (gas, power, road, storm water, lights etc)

Website: www.riversidetownhomes.ca PW: Oliver

Thomas Beyer, Asset Manager & Improver, Hard Asset Investor & DeFi Asset Hodler, Author, Father, Mentor, Hiker, Kayaker www.prestprop.com
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