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Shovel Ready Lot DP Approved for 7 TH 4-plexes - South Okanagan

Thomas Beyer

REIN Member
Aug 30, 2007
Located in the thriving South Okanagan Wine Capital of Canada, Oliver, this 28 townhome development lot is shovel ready with approved plans and development permits.

Phase 1 of Oliver Landing was built and sold in 2018.

Phase 2 and 3 is highlighted by its prime riverfront location with exceptional views and close proximity to downtown, shopping and renowned biking and hiking trails.

Approved plans are for seven 4 plexes consisting of 28 spacious and modern well designed 1,850 sq/ft townhouses. The design has considered both indoor and outdoor living with 360 degree views and private backyards. There is an option to add lock off suites as well. Phase 2 is 12 units and phase 3 is 16 units. Pre-serviced with water and sewer lines with the remainder of the services at site. Detailed plans for the townhouses and infrastructure are available. Go to RiversideTownHomes.ca, use the password Oliver; to view additional marketing material or follow link below to contact listing realtor John Green.


Thomas Beyer, Asset Manager & Improver, Hard Asset Investor & DeFi Asset Hodler, Author, Father, Mentor, Hiker, Kayaker www.prestprop.com
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