Store your Tell Me the Time game in your trunk!


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I just bought the Tell Me the Time (Hybrid Real Estate) game in November and got it in the mail in Early December. Just before my annual snowmobiling trip with my buddies to the mountains. I figured a week with my buds would be a great time to try out the game for the first time.
To make a long story short, I got my truck, both my snowmobiles, my trailer and all my gear stolen from the hotel parking lot over night (basically they stole the truck with everything attached). They eventually found the truck without the trailer or snowmobiles and insurance wrote it off.

Some of my belongings were still in the truck, like my briefcase, memory stick, cheque book,...


They took my Tell Me the Time game. It hadn`t even been played yet...the buggers. So now there are some criminals out there learning how to profit from the real estate cycle.

I`ve always said the only difference between criminals and entrepreneurs are our values.

Now here is the WARNING!

I can`t help but think that if I hadn`t had that game sitting on the seat in plain view, they may not have stolen my truck...?

Be careful where you leave your game sitting around, it may not be there when you get back.

By the way, I finally got to play the game (it is brilliant) and it was against Greg Head who is part of the Tell Me the Time team. And I am proud to say that I am officially undefeated.

Better luck next time Greg

Here is the link for anyone interested:


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I agree on the supreme excellence of the game, however I doubt thieves stole your stuff because of it. The odds of someone connecting a board game about property to your wealth are slim. Especially considering they stole your truck...instead of merely breaking into it to see what they could find. Most people would laugh if they found out I bought a board game that cost more than $100, and likely those guys are no different.

....unless of course the thieves are REIN members who know that owning that game means your a sophisticated investor...

and if there`s anyone in the hamilton area who`d like to play the game, I just got a copy ...from an Albertan fellow who was also trying to hock a couple of snowmobiles