Tenants might be smoking pot in suite -- what can you do?


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On a number of occassions I have smelled what seems to be pot coming from my tenants suite. I don't smoke pot so can't be sure. It's usually around 10:00pm. Of course they deny it. The lease expires in four months and I probably won't renew it. They are good tenants otherwise. I have noticed it a few times in the past couple months they have been there so likely if they are doing it is regular. I'd like to have a conversation about it, but if I'm wrong (a 25% chance) it would be awkward. What does a landlord do in these situations?

I also wounder about the monetary cost of pot use within units. How much pot use does it take to cause a permenant odour in the suite? I am sure users will have methods of covering up the smell.

Also, is there a way of montitoring or proving the use? I do have several smoke alarms in the unit, but these can be easily turned off.

Alvaro Sanchez

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Just send a written notice/email indicating that as per lease, the unit is non-smoking. If this continue, you will take proper steps to correct the situation and pass cost to tenant in case smoke damaged to the unit.


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We had a similar situation with a tenant in a nonsmoking suite. The smoking permeated his suite and drifted into the upstairs, which offended potential upstairs tenants. We hired an ozone treatment company to get rid of the smell. The tenant had to vacate his suite for 3 days to complete the treatment. We backcharged the offending tenant for the ozone treatment cost of 400.00. No more smoking infractions.

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Caleb West

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Well you could join them , build some “budship” and be the cool landlord Everyone likes :)

Putting up additional hardwire smoke detectors , AGENT program from your local police force , signs, cameras, signs about being monitored (if they are high it’ll really send them for a loop;)

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Thomas Beyer

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Pot smoking legal this summer.

Does your province allow you to forbid smoking in a suite ?

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