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Greeting REIN Members,

Just wanted to express my gratitude to REIN!!

Last night I attended a free "Rich Dad Event" hosted by Darren Weeks in Dawson Creek, BC. The event was interesting and reconfirmed my position on building long term wealth through real estate.

During the event I found myself getting jacked up on the ROI`s being presented and was mentally structuring how I could get into the "exclusive investment opportunity".

Part way through the event I gave out a few business cards & discovered the pocket version of my personal belize that I carry in my daytimer. It was this discovery that snapped my mental structuring and gave me great clarity, that the "exclusive investment opportunity" was a complete distraction. I was able to take in the rest of the event with a silent knowing that I was on the right track towards my personal belize.

Prior to REIN I would have been foaming at the mouth to get into the next great thing!!

I am extremely thankful to REIN for laying foundational groundwork such as "What`s behind the curtain" & " Will this take you closer or further away from your personal belize"

Thanks again,

Jenn Gibson


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Congrats Jenn for having the mental strength to set your sights on your goals and your dreams! REIN is a great foundation but in the end you have to make the best of the knowledge shared. It would seam that you are doing just that!! There are many things that will try to distract you along the way but remember to keep the end in mind and go about your own journey.

Take care


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CBC just ran a show about 2 weeks ago on Rich Dad.It was quite negative and they had hidden cameras in one of there live events which showed the speaker up selling and power selling some expensive advanced programmes. They interviewed the founder at the end and he claimed that he outsourced these events to another company.He did not sound very believable.

I see ads for these events all over the place now.Makes u wonder!


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Yes, congratulations.

These kinds of seminars unfortunately do a disservice to REIN. I am a huge sceptic and I would have been sceptical about REIN as well if it wasn`t for my Mom having so much success in the two years before I joined. When I heard Don Campbell speak at a REIN meeting for the first time in October 2005, I knew I was about to change my life and I did.