The Market Manuscript by Ben Myers


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Fortress Real Developments has released the third edition of The Market Manuscript by Ben Myers, SVP Market Research and Analytics. This robust 50-page report relies on hard data and expert opinion to dispel common misconceptions about the residential real estate market in Canada, and responds to many of the misleading and statistically insufficient housing-related studies that garnered widespread attention last year.

The Market Manuscript supports our real estate development and fund raising through syndicated mortgages. It utilizes third-party real estate facts and figures to carefully assess both local and national trends. The report pulls together the opinions and predictions from notable real estate economists and seasoned market-watchers, supplemented by Fortress’ own forecasts and survey results.

The Manuscript evaluates the state of Canada’s housing market, as well as the regional markets of Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Winnipeg.

Get the document here ---> The Market Manuscript by Ben Myers