Waterloo - Kitchener - Cambridge investment real estate market


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I would like to hear from other posters their thoughts on Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge.
Ten years ago REIN members were targeting this area as one of the best in Ontario.
What is the current perception of the area and the potential for appreciation?
Did you examine investments and decided against them?
Did you invest and how did it turn out?
Are there any investors of student condo's on this message board and how has the ownership experience been compared to exceptions?


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I have been looking at this area so will be following this thread.

I have a friend who purchased a few student-focused properties about ten years ago. He told me that the city opened the floodgates for new apartment construction and now there is an over supply situation. He doesn't have any issues filling his rentals but there has been pressure on rates. This is just an anecdotal story, not an expert opinion! I'd love to see others chime in.