Where to purchase bulk furnaces and hot water tanks in Edmonton/Grande Prairie/Dawson Creek


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Hello All,
We have 6 units that we will be installing furnaces in, 4 x 650sq ft units and 2 x 1000 sq ft units. We also need hot water tanks for all but one of the units. I live in Edmonton, but the properties and my business partner are in Dawson Creek. We have someone that can install them, but need a source to buy them from. Due to the size of the units, the smaller the furnace / hot water tanks the better. We would like efficient ones, but cost is certainly a priority. Thanks in advance!!

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Good place to start in plumbing supply distributors. Bartle & Gibson has good representation throughout Ab and Bc
Not sure they will let you do bizz if not a registered business but seeing you need qty I would try.

If not, for water heathers I find the best deals at Lowes in weekends where they have the 15% off over $400/500 spend on anything in store. Fine print will tell you that discounts include ALL sale items so if you find a good water Heather on sale for under $500 and get the discount on top you have an excellent deal.
(They run this discount quite frequently, watch the flyer)

For furnaces you want to do a bit more homework, many hardware stores run install specials however with a bit of negotiation skill you will find the same deals at your local heating/plumbing company. Atco runs install programs as well and if you like you can spread out the payments on your monthly utility bill. You want to check tho as these are residential deals but worth looking into.
Even though you have your own guy it could be cheaper to go with an all in furnace install deal.

Pro's and cons for tankless system. Just do your homework on it and see if it's for you and your tenants.


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Get a Direct Buy membership

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Oh man, this is where I feel obligated to “strenuously object” & wait for Tom Cruise to tear me a new one.

Definitely thoroughly research direct Buy before you join. Just the “if you don’t join this evening you can’t join at all!” Aspect is enough of a red flag for most people...

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Hi Mike , I may be able to with that. Message me and we can touch base.

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"the smaller the furnace / hot water tanks the better"

40 US gal (33 imperial gal) is the standard residential Hot Water Tank. I wanted tanks as small as possible in a building where space was a big consideration. Rona sells a 30 US gallon hot water tank (Not stocked at all stores - check their website for store availability). With plenty of phoning around, that was the only Natural gas Hot Water Tank that I could find anywhere that was smaller than standard. Even Bartle and Gibson and other real plumbing supply stores claimed that 40 US gal is the smallest unless you go with electric or an RV unit. I installed two of the Rona units about 5 years ago and a third one this year. They have all operated perfectly so far.


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I go against the norm- I bought 4 identical high efficient Keep Rite furnaces last week that were all 2-3 years old, as well as 2 used 60,000 BTU High Efficient furnaces. They were all sourced from a single plumbing company in northern Sask. Cost: $2100. All like new. The deal came from kiiji. I have had fantastic success buying used furnaces. In this case, it saved me thousands for dollars. I highly recommend it for rentals.