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Hi Everyone ,

I was looking for some info on Wholesaling Real Estate and happen to come across this forum site and also saw some inputs on various threads too. I live in Canada as well and I am new to this industry. I have already set up my company name, created a simple site and as well as all the nitty gritty too. Only problem is that, I do not know where to go from here. I have joined a number of wholesaling property groups on Facebook too. I am pretty sure finding a buy or seller isn't my problem. Yes it is hard work to do that but my dilemma is how to get the transaction to go through between these two parties.

Assuming I have seller and a buyer, I know I would need to send the assignment/contract to either a "title company" or a "real estate attorney" to get the transaction going. But I have been trying to find and I am just a little lost. Was hoping if anyone will be able to help me with some tips and insights or even if you could recommend me on where I would be able to find one too. I would really appreciate some advice too since im sure there are much more knowledgeable investors here in this business too.

I appreciate it and Thank you so much !


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What does “wholesaling” mean to you ?

This is Canada. Not the US.

I assume you buy in cash to get a sufficiently low price for sufficient spread ?

It’s illegal btw in BC to assign a contract for more money !

What price point are you targeting ?

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I am not too sure about the rules in BC but I live in Ontario and it is perfectly legal in Ontario as I have done my research and checked the market out before even getting into the business.

I know a lot of people who have been doing real estate wholesaling in Ontario for years now, including Aaron Moore. Unfortunately I do not talk to the ones who have been doing this business for a long time hence why i got into this site and was asking for opinions and advices too. =)