You may want to think again if looking to invest in L.A.


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If you see the amount of people that we do, you are bound to find people wanting to invest in California, and the huge metropolis of Los Angeles. Well here is something that has made headlines that is not so pretty and something investors in L.A. and anyone looking at foreclosures must be aware of.

This is the story about a man who runs a crew across L.A. that cleans up abandoned homes in good neighborhoods before they spread and create a bad haven and bring the neighborhood down into mediocrity.

Perez runs a crew that crisscrosses Los Angeles and the Antelope Valley doing the dirty but essential job of cleaning up homes that have been foreclosed and then trashed by humans and neglect.

`The good news about this place,` he told me as we stood inside one such property on Wilmington Avenue in Watts, `is that there`s no fleas.`

That`s good news? The city of Los Angeles has enacted a law to prevent this exact type of thing from happening but they haven`t even enforced it. Here is the essence of that law`

Like an open sore, a vacant home can become the source of an infection. That`s why the city of Los Angeles passed an ordinance in 2010 that fines banks $1,000 for each day their foreclosed properties are `blighted.`

Read this article` it is an eye opener