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Hi, We are looking for a money partner for our 8-unit infill project currently at the development permit stage. One year term and we are flexible on the interest rate. Over the past 3 years we have successfully completed as employees over 400 condo conversions (office to luxury rental), skinny homes and townhomes in Edmonton. This is our first project that we are doing on our own and is why we require the additional
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Hello real estate family, my name is Zekarias, I'm glad joining the group
I'm new to the group and new to invest. I'm thinking to build garage suit at the back of my house. They told me first to go house designer, city for permit and then to contractor.
I'm a little bit nervous. Anyone who knows or has experience I would love to hear your advice , thanks
Hello Myra,
I have 3 residential development projects looking for JV partners. In 2 projects, each requires JV equity of $5mm .. Please let me know about your group and how we can work togather on long term basis.
I just closed on a property and would like to do a basement - duplex conversion. Are you interested in helping me out?
Excited to speak at REIN Summit this Saturday. Join our Conquering Fear & Taking Action in Uncertain Times Breakout Room - Lots of opportunities and ways to break through the doom and gloom!
Good Morning TINA! When you have a moment , I would like to discuss the 5W's of GDP! Sound interesting? lol
Hello Thomas: I finally gave up trying to buy the Qualicum Beach property. I have an accepted offer on a Mobile Home/RV Park near Williams Lake. Eugen Klein is the agent and Kyle Green is working with me to finance it. Numbers look good and Kyle helped the seller buy the property 6-7 years a ago. Patrick at the E52 meeting this afternoon suggested I connect with you if possible. My email is
Mr. Thomas . Hope u all are well. RENT TO OWN agreement copy from where i can get to make sure right clauses can put, please if you can email me
Does anyone have any experience with Agreement to Purchase transactions? Any tips on what to look out for?
Did you get any feedback on your question? I have bought two properties with An Agreement for Sale and sold one using that method. Carl
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Hi Tina. Shona here. We just had a chat about a tenant putting up a pool. I just spoke with my insurance broker. It's $68 extra annually for $2 million for the extra coverage on the pool.
Do I need to post signs like a public swimming pool? What and where do I find this info? I searched the landlord tenant board site and I have not found anything concrete to make sure I've done my due diligence?
Tina Myrvang
Tina Myrvang
Hello Shona,

Check with your city by-law office to find out all that is required. Make sure you tell them also that it must be taken down for winter. We don't need that freezing up and causing damage.
Contemplating if COVID will increase or decrease demand for residential real estate. I have some senior executives hopeful it will in that people want more distance.I am not as optimistic.
-Boomers are downsizing rapidly
-Massively inverted demography across Canada
-Millenials entering their peak spending years yet most are moving in with parents again and or are buying the mentality of 'tiny houses' or shared living
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