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    Edmonton Meeting Guest Pass

    I am looking for a guest pass to the Nov 7, 2018 Edmonton meeting.
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    Property Management Recommendations in Regina/Moose Jaw

    Does anyone know of good Property Management companies in Regina/Moose Jaw
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    Renter did not give notice...

    The Tenant Act overrides the lease agreement. What province is that?
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    Non-conforming basement suite in Edmonton - fine issued

    They gave me a 2 week notice for the inspection.
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    Non-conforming basement suite in Edmonton - fine issued

    Yesterday, the bylaw officer and fire offical inspected my non-conforming basement suite to determine if there was a development permit. I was slapped with a fine of $1,000 and asked to remove the tenant in 21 days. If I want to continue renting the suite then I need to apply for a permit...
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    Kitchener Flip BEFORE VIDEO Walk Through (East Ave)

    How much do you expect the renos to cost?
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    What 'for rent' sites work in Edmonton?

    I was posting/reposting 3-4 times a day and I had 2-3 ads running. Kijiji has now flagged me as a professional and charges me $29.99 listing fee per month for each ad. Now if I delete and repost an ad kijiji will charge me another $29.99 listing fee.
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    To buy or not to buy, that is the question...

    What are the going rates for mainfloor and basement suites in millwoods-Edmonton?
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    What 'for rent' sites work in Edmonton?

    Rent Board is a total waste of money. Kijiji works the best but I have to pay extra for the top ad.
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    Hi Lisa Can you please share the link for the new regulations regarding HWTs? Thanks
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    Current Rental Market in Edmonton?

    Ir is taking a but longer to rent now. I just rented a 3 bdrm townhouse in Millwoods for 1,550 plus utilities
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    Rental websites that REIN members would recommend?

    I get far better responses from kijiji then RentBoard
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    Bad tenant. What to do?

    What is the advantage of going straight to RTDRS instead of posting a 14 day eviction notice and going to RTDRS? You don't need an eviction notice to get rid of the tenant?