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    Shut down crackhouse and bawdy bus

    Good work! A bawdy bus! How awful! I came across your post while searching the internet for Montrose neighborhood to see what came up. I`m a REIN member too and am wondering what the Montrose neighborhood is like for investment properties. I live in Vancouver, lived in Edmonton for a year...
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    Need Edmonton Plumbing/Reno Referrals

    I need a good plumbing/renovation company in Edmonton to replace galvanized pipes in older home. In addition to removing old pipes and installing new ones, the drywall will need to be removed and replaced. Can anyone refer me to a good company? Does anyone have any tips about replacing...
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    Lease to Own

    Hi Diana, Take a look at my web site ( and then call or email if you would like to chat more about finding a lease option client for your property. Regards, Dawn Schneider ProActive Home Buyers Real Estate that Makes a Difference
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    Pine Beetle in BC

    Hi Hayden, I`m also invest in Prince George and grew up there so have seen the impact the forestry industry can have on real estate WITHOUT the Pine Beetle. As I stated in another post about the Pine Beetle Report, there`s still money to be made but a strong exit strategy within the timeframe...
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    Mountain Pine Beetle`s Devastating Effect on Real Estate

    Thanks for the Pine Beetle Report Don. As an investor investing in Prince George I appreciate the information contained in the report, especially the recommended timeframe to exit each market. Fortunately, my exit strategy (even before I read the Pine Beetle report) is to liquidate in the next...