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    Bed Bugs - Being proactive moving forward

    Hi Ray, Thank you for the thorough and helpful response, as well as the pdf report. I would be very interested in hearing more if your manage to secure some member pricing for the various bed bug traps. Regards, Stirling
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    Bed Bugs - Being proactive moving forward

    Hello, Well, we officially became another bed bug statistic today with confirmation of bed bugs in one of our rental units in Edmonton. Two options to rid the nasty pests have been posed; 1) chemical spraying - told about 3 sprays at $365/spray with no assurance of success, or 2) heat...
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    Furnace Replacement - Edmonton

    Hello, I am looking to replace an old and tired gas furnace in one of my rental properties (residential building) in Edmonton. Would anyone have any suggestions as to reputable companies in Edmonton to get some quotations? Thanks in adance, Stirling
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    Terrible Property Manager

    It seems like there is some common threads in all these replies...hmmm...Kirkside. I can add my name to the list of dissatisfied clients (soon to be x-client). It amazes me how companies such as these folks (and others mentioned) still remain in business. We are trying two different PM...
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    desperate for good property manager in Edmonton

    I can echo Brent`s troubles, very similar experiences. We are trying out two different property managers currently in Edmonton to see if either one will do what they are paid to. It is a real challenge and not just Edmonton.
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    Real Estate Investors in the Okanagan

    Greetings! I currently live in the Okanagan (Kelowna to be exact) but invest full-time primarliy in Alberta. I`m sure there are new and old real estate investors around the Okanagan and am wondering if so, if anyone would be interested in getting together periodically to learn, support and...