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    Knob Tube

    Hi The insurance companies are driving the requirements to upgrade electrical in houses. In Edmonton, pole and knob wiring requires a complete upgrade, and the city may allow you to be exempt from some upgrades. You may be required to bring the entire house up to 2008 codes and that is more...
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    No longer a hamster on a wheel

    Today was the last day of my "working in an office" life. After 24 + years of owning a property management business I have retired. I have many people to thank for this happy situation,namely my husband for his patience,creativity and years of hard work, my family for their patience and...
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    Renting an Over-50 Condo

    I would suggest you read the by-laws to see if renter`s ages are addressed. If you get on the board maybe you can change the by-laws. Having said this, the reason there are over 50 condo`s is so the owners don`t have to put up with little kids, teenagers etc. Good luck
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    NE Edmonton rents

    QUOTE (craigw @ Feb 19 2008, 08:08 PM) I was wondering if anyone knows what the going rental rates are in NE Edmonton. I have a house at 56 st and 118 ave with two bedrooms upstairs and a two bedroom basement suite as well as a double detached garage. My property manager has been having trouble...