1. Madeleine Ficaccio

    Veteran Diamond REIN Award Winner offers Dallas, Texas Multifamily Investment Opportunity! DOUBLE YOUR MONEY!!!

    Madeleine (Ficaccio) Gergen is Canadian and has been a member of REIN since 2002. She is a Diamond member and is respected in the real estate industry by her peers and colleagues. Madeleine has achieved several awards such as her Gold Multifamily Award, Top Player Award, Top Ten Investors...
  2. Leigh_Anne10997

    Excellent Tenants Looking for Landlord

    I will be listing the home of senior seller clients that are looking to downsize and move into a bungalow property. They would rather rent than purchase - I think the thought of going through the process of selling scares them. They would be ideal tenants for someone - their current home is...
  3. Matt Crowley

    Alberta condos vs. multifamily: is the sum greater than the parts?

    I'm looking at a small value-add apartment in an inner city neighbourhood in Calgary. As part of the exit sensitivity analysis, I am looking at what renovated condo units are selling for on the market. Before considering condo fees, it looks to me that investment properties are pound-for-pound...
  4. S

    Selling a new built-in house in London, On.

    Hi I am in a situation, I am looking for a buyer. I want to sell that asap. My time limit is until March 6th. Can anyone share what are the possible ways?
  5. Matthew Johnston

    Turn-Key Investment Opportunities in Barrie

    Looking for a Turn-Key Investment in Barrie? We have Inventory available NOW! College Rentals, Duplexes, Commercial...For Additional Information contact Matthew or Domenic at