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Joint Venture - Invest with Builder on Amazing Locations!

Josh Cheema

New Forum Member
Aug 3, 2022
Dear Colleagues, it's very exciting to be joining REIN Network and to be able to work with an amazing bunch!

I have an amazing investment opportunity to invest with the builder. They have two sites one in Mississauga and another one is Brampton. Details below:

Builder is looking to sell 10% for 2.6M (Non-negotiable) from either of his two projects (Brampton or Mississauga). The reason they want to sell is to build a further cushion for foreseeable market headwinds. Both sites are in a good location. Details below:

1. Brampton Site (Queen & Dixie)

Just starting the zoning process (2 years approx.). With zoning, the land should be 60-90/sq.ft. Applied for 1.1M sq. ft resulting in 1000 – 1300 units.
The area is the next “square one”, National Homes bought the church right across the street.
The builder’s intent is to sell once the site plan is approved.
Looking at a sale price of 45M today for the whole project with a future value of 65M to 85 M for the whole project (pre-build)

ii. Mississauga Site (Dundas & HWY 10)

Zoning is approved, the next step is to get building permits. The builder is looking to build, sell and close this project. The sale is planned for spring 2023 provided there isn’t further deterioration in the pre-construction market.
The site was recently evaluated at 59 M by an independent appraiser (can share)
The developer has financing on it, closing in September and can carry debt on it till 2024 before he has to bring it to market. zoning for 353K buildable gross floor area - 393 units, 105 M profit expected. Could be a long-term game, Go to Market, build, close. (4-5yrs)

Please contact me via phone at 416 565 2217 or email [email protected] for further details.
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