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My house is built in year 2004 (17 years old). I am considering some redo to get better price on sale in 1-2 years.

I am looking for some advice with reno ideas.

Among these reno ideas, what would be the recommending order to invest for future sale?

1) Kitchen update
2) bathroom update with granite countertop and faucet upgrade
3) hardwood floor on 2nd floor and stairs
4-A) Finish basement without bathroom, or
4-B) finish basement with a room and a full bathroom

For Kitchen:
it has green coloured Oak cabinet (wood grain shown), and light brown laminate counter top
I am thinking to upgrade with granite or quartz countertop, upgrade sink and faucet.
I am not sure what to do with the cabinet.
1) Re-paint with dark olive green (grain shown) with gold knobs, or
2) reface with new doors in dark colour or white, or
3) something else
Any suggestions or ideas?

Thank you in advance
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Tina Myrvang

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When deciding on renovating your property before putting it on the market or not, whether it is your family home or an investment, always look at it as a business decision. ... You are not renovating your home so you can enjoy the end result, you are purely doing it to attract more buyers and add value.

Best Updates to Sell Your Home Quickly
  1. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint to Sell Your Home. ...
  2. Update Your Front Door. ...
  3. Complete a Bathroom Remodel No Matter How Small. ...
  4. Declutter Your Home to Attract Buyers. ...
  5. Make Your Home More Energy Efficient to Increase Value. ...
  6. Update Flooring Throughout Your Home. ...
  7. Add Simple Landscaping.

Top 5 Low-Cost Home Improvements To Make Before Listing Your Home For Sale
  • Make Your Ground Neat & Elegant. Great landscaping can be create an impressive first impression. ...
  • Paint And/Or Clean The Walls. ...
  • Upgrade The Lighting. ...
  • A Kitchen Facelift. ...
  • Renew Floor Finishes & Replace Old Carpets.