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    Have a buyer who hasn`t a downpayment

    Hi Lucas, I would imagine someone has emailed you about this by now.... but in case they have not - I currently am using a couple of lenders who are offering either borrowed down payment mortgages, or cash back mortgages, essentially accomplishing 100% financing. This is all above board - no...
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    Foreclosures, Affordability, and overall market Prices

    Thanks for the help so far fellas!
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    Foreclosures, Affordability, and overall market Prices

    Hey guys & gals, I am in the process of putting together a presentation for sellers, and require some data that I know some of you definitely have access too. I need some help compiling Alberta specific stats on the number of foreclosures per month over the past 30 years, as well as the...
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    Good carpet for reno

    QUOTE (Rascal @ Feb 3 2008, 04:03 PM) We bought a house that has a fourth bedroom in the basement. All it needs is paint and carpet. We know about Mushroom Basket for the paint, but does anyone have a good sturdy carpet to recommend? It`s just one bedroom, but it`s our first reno, so we want to...
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    First Time I`ve Seen This Scam...

    Wow, what these losers won`t do......... you had a great idea though Paul - embed your contact info onto the pic, and these scammers will just move on to the next "easy" victim.
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    Virtual Assistant - Wanted

    Bryon, I looked into a V/A, but decided to go with a local gal on the ground in my city - she works from home, makes my phone calls, shows my properties, keeps me organized etc. I can only imagine how many more houses per year a Realtor could sell if they had an assistant........ never mind...
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    Rental Websites

    QUOTE (Zacher @ Jan 16 2008, 01:58 PM) HI Besides rentedmonton and homerent... has/does anyone know of any other good websites to list properties for rent. I just did a Google search for you..... check it out:
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    First Time Flipper Advice on plan of action required

    QUOTE (mrembecki @ Jan 14 2008, 07:09 PM) I like that idea. Would that I apply only if I could generate positive cash flow from the rental of this property or is this the way to go regardless. Also, do you recommend anywhere to find out about pulling out equity? Martin, first let me say that...
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    First Time Flipper Advice on plan of action required

    Martin, can you fix the place up, pull out your equity and then rent it? You may be further ahead in the long run with this strategy. I started flipping until I realized you can accomplish the same profit AND MORE by buying low, pulling out your equity and holding for appreciation......... Just...
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    Guaranteed return for money partner

    Yes, I totally agree with the above posters - he is not a JV partner at that point - he is a mortgage investor, and as such, he gets a 2nd registered against title at 15% return....... seems pretty fair and straight forward to me. I`d sooner do that than split 50% of the deal any day! Best, Jeremy
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    Security Deposits

    QUOTE (TerryF @ Jan 5 2008, 09:50 AM) We have just received security deposit money for a rental and it is currently in our personal savings account while we figure out where we should put it. This will likely be a short term rental (less than 6 months). My question is this...... can the money be...
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    Kjiji Advertising

    Thanks for the help fellas! It turns out it IS just too cold in GP for photos to upload on Kijiji. No I`m kidding...... I did upload using an old spare computer this last time - I think it has to do with my firewall, and I`ll try shutting it right off tomorrow when I post on Kijiji again...
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    Kjiji Advertising

    Well, I still need some help - I was able to upload pics from another computer, but not my own. Does anyone have any ideas what the trouble might be with my laptop settings? I have allowed cookies through my firewall, but still no upoads! Thanks in advance, Jeremy
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    Kjiji Advertising

    QUOTE (kopilas @ Dec 13 2007, 01:11 PM) Hi Jeremy, Although I never experienced what you are experiencing I tried to see if i have the same problem. My end seems to be working fine. Some points to keep in mind: MAX of 4 pictures with a total of no more than 4MB. I usually post using JPEG`s...