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    Looking for someone to build a website!

    Up work, Odesk and Fiverr. Way cheaper than most people in Canada. Can discuss this with you more at the meeting tomorrow.
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    Agree with the above. 7 years is a very long time. Divorce,death ,change of jobs can happen during that time. RTO is a strategy you need to be experienced or educated in fully. A lot of what ifs are involved. Also consider how you will benefit if you put a short term tenant with the current...
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    Docs for tenant showing in an AFS

    Thanks Sherrylyn, guess it's the same like in B.C, an option agreement might work best I think, avoiding afs contract for now till I get tenant .
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    Docs for tenant showing in an AFS

    I thought I had a draft letter between me and seller allowing me to advertise a potential afs property to potential rto tenants. I just can't find it, if anyone has one or something similar please email one to Thanks Thembi
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    On the blog: Success and why some people fail

    Great Article Thomas, all are attributes found in successful people. Thanks for sharing!
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    Worth Switching Banks for Mortgage Renewal?

    Hey Matthew, Have you considered the other clauses that come with both companies,like penalties,balloon payments etc. I think it all comes down to your plan. If you had to sell the property today or say make a big payment,which mortgage would be flexible? If you wanted to skip a payment for...
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    Looking for an experienced Mentor based in Toronto.

    You should try to contact Donna Mcguire, I remember in March someone wanted to enroll and they could have done it cause the support calls are still going on. The good thing about enrolling is you also get to ask questions to the quick turn forum and get a quicker response. The REIN office am...
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    Banking setup for Rent-to-Own

    If I were you, I would ask an experienced lawyerm/accountant and someone like SherryLyn to review your documents. She is really experienced and has done a lot of these deals. Rent to Own and seller financing are different. Be careful on your wording cause that can tie you in courts if the deal...
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    New to wholesaling

    That sounds like a higher step to start with but am sure you could post your properties here. As a newbie, how do you know you have the best deal? What if you think you have a deal and realise you can't wholesale it. I think you should take time to educate yourself before flipping properties to...
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    Based on the information you have provided, this relationship was built on a very weak foundation.It sounds like there was no system put together properly.You should have done a jv agreement before and line who does what etc...Well if I were you, I would be doing that like yesterday. As Thomas...
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    Rent to Own in New Brunswick

    I have an applicant from New Brunswick, looking for a rent to own.Anyone serves that area please let me know and I will forward details to you. Regards Thembi Bheka
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    IHM or CPM certification.... which is better?

    Sorry can't help but how about contacting the best local propertmanagement company in your area.Maybe they could guide you in the right direction. All the best! Thembi Bheka
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    FSBO websites ?

    Hello, Ifind the Koootenays/Okanagan area is big on CastanetI advertise mainly on it now and get better responses than kijiji.Craigslist is good for B.C as well.They might have a local paper which works for them too,not sure on that. All the best. Thembi
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    Yellow Letters in Small Towns......oh la la!

    Thats so funny Mark but remember every no brings you closer to a yes and maybe the wave will turn around for the best,Imagine people lining up to give up their houses- .You and ur wife are great people and definitely no scammers(i think-lol),the people will soon find out and this will work well...
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    HOLY $@$% I`m a TV SHOW HOST

    Congrats Brian,thats awesome!!!