Forgotten Utilities


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My landlord forgot to ask for utilities for 19 months. I thought I was paying utilities because I was paying $160 over the base rental price and have 2 cats.. They want the money immediately and I cannot pay it all at once. I rent a basement suite and am to pay 33%. It is a 3 bedroom house, 2 bedroom basement suite. I live alone. The utilities have been over $500 on several occasions as I review the bills they have given me. Any ideas on this?

Thomas Beyer

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Not as clear ie potential you owe nothing as landlord bears significant responsibility to collect full rent. Assuming they were sloppy and did not remind you, you would have a good case that you owe them nothing !

Take it to the landlord tenant board and they will likely side with you. What province is this ?

Matt Crowley

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19 months late sounds like you have a case to expect things to continue as they were. You have a right as a tenant to rely on past actions of the landlord. I would suggest reaching out to the LL board and if necessary tell the landlord you are willing to go to mediation to resolve it. There is a good chance you will win this.