Looking for someone to create a business plan (not a JV situation)


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Hello. Mods if this belongs in another section please feel free to move it.

We have owned a double lot in a somewhat less than stellar central Alberta town for a long time and are finally looking to do something with it.

I'm looking to hire someone who has knowledge and experience to:

- Look at the lot and create some unbiased options which include either the rental, or sale of: duplexes, 4 plexes, row housing, commercial/residential mix, build and sell SF homes - all these are allowed in the zoning.

- Run numbers in each of the likely scenarios so we have an idea of where we'd be in 1, 5, and 10 years out.

- Once we've decided which direction to head, we would need an airtight business plan with as few surprises as possible to take to the bank, get financing, and move forward.

If this is something you or anyone you know can do, please contact me by PM with your phone number and we'll have a preliminary phone convo.


Michel Lafleur

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What town/city is the property in?
I have alot of infill & development clients in the Edmonton area. Situate Zoning is very well liked; they do zoning & planning analysis to let you know what your options are, and the likelihood of approvals if you're dreaming of something big & outside the box.
They do not provide construction quotes however - you'd need to source your own builder/contractors once you decide on a project.
Check them out here: