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    Insurance Claims for Tenant Damages??

    We have a property where the tenant pulled a midnight move and left some fairly extensive damages to the house (ie. burn holes in carpets, holes in walls, marker on walls etc). I had heard from someone that this may be covered by insurance, but after checking with my broker, it is not...
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    Grande Prairie Property management Revisited

    Hi Tim, We switched our portfolio over to Landlord Rescue about a year and a half ago. Overall we are happy with the results so far, however, it's relatively expensive so you need to judge that cost vs doing it yourself as it will eat up a lot of your cash-flow. For us (being from out of...
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    Feedback on B2B/Olympia Trust/Can Western Trust

    I have been with Olympia Trust for about 8 years and very happy with them. Great customer service and knowledgeable.
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    How to sell AFS to potential seller?

    Hello quick turn gurus, I have an opportunity to buy a property for what is owed, with approx 15-20K in equity. Their mortgage is up for renewal in April 2014 and they have a huge payout penalty if they sell or break the mortgage early. So I was thinking of proposing an agreement for sale...
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    Discount or Flat Fee Realtors

    All very good points and thank you for the feedback! To clarify, I am by no means trying to undermine what realtors do and what they get paid, however, I'm just trying to wrap my head around a few of the concepts. I'm actually thinking of getting my license myself at some point, and thus the...
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    Discount or Flat Fee Realtors

    Hello all, I am looking for some feedback: 1) For Buyers and Sellers: Have you used, or considered using a discount or flat fee realtor to sell or buy a home? If so, how was your experience? 2) For Realtors: What are your thoughts on these types of companies such as 1% Realty, 2% Realty...
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    The Regina Market!

    Hi Ryan, I live and invest in Regina...feel free to drop me a line sometime if you'd like to chat further.
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    Need Regina Appraiser...

    Sorry, haven't been on here for a while. Try Dustin Cross (Cross Appraisals) @ dustincross (at)
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    Mortgage Rates

    We just renewed two RBC mortgages for a 2 year term at 2.49%, even though they initially offered 3.66%. Going to fix for 2 years and see what VRM rates/discounts will be at that time. Scotia has a 2 yr special on at 2.49%, and I used this as leverage to get RBC to match. Wish I could keep my...
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    Looking to invest in RTO property in Alberta or Saskatchewan

    Hi Greg, I have a potential RTO client in Regina, SK with a $30K option deposit. Contact me if interested! Thanks,
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    JV Question - Is it possible for both partners to be on title when only one is on the mortgage?

    Relationships are all fine and dandy, but you must still protect your own interest. File a caveat, notice or interest (depending on the province) on the property ASAP. As the non-mortgage holder, being on title is the only security you have, so i would suggest you get on there. A JV...
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    Thoughts on this deal? | 12-suiter fixer upper | Would you do it?

    Thanks Thomas, Yes the location is a bit questionable, and I believe I have been conservative on expected rents (but will do some more due diligence). Also, I forgot to factor in a "fort knox" quality security system...what can I expect this would cost?? The city plan is to revitalize...