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I'm in search of some US brokers & private lenders that I can refer good leads to. Our company receives regular inquiries from borrowers in need of financing with the impression that we are a US based company. We have a few contacts with respect to rehabs, etc, but would like to have options.

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Thomas Beyer

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There are 1000s of US lenders and 10s of thousands of brokers. I bet you can find a few throwing you a bone for a referral, say 10% of their relatively small fee.


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Hi Thomas,
I totally agree that there are numerous brokers/lenders, but always prefer to deal with referred contact through a reliable source and/or networks There's a good mix of shady characters out there that I do not want risk being associated with.


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We can help you. Please contact
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Chris Petitclerc (Real Estate Investor)
Oakmont Real Estate Investments
USA: 1-401-859-1622
CAN: 1-403-775-9493
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