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    Pulling comps - Ron LeGrand style

    QUOTE (BenSanderson @ Oct 12 2010, 07:31 PM) Hi all, As I will be attending the Ron LeGrand workshop later this month, I am beginning to look at For Sale By Owner properties and collect the various data regarding asking price, market value, repairs, etc. The big question mark for me is how I...
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    Bed Bugs

    QUOTE (bizaro86 @ Aug 30 2010, 02:56 PM) Another company has a new potential non-toxic treatment for bedbugs. Freezing them! Apparently you can hire them to spray dry ice on the bedbugs to kill them and their eggs, and can spray in hard to reach places like inside electrical outlets. Article...
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    Bedbugs...need to get rid of them!

    QUOTE (Sharon2 @ Nov 11 2009, 08:15 AM) Hi Team, We have a rental house with a serious infestation of bedbugs. Orkin Pest Control has now been in 5 times treating them...but their chemical `Tempo` only seems to slow them down for a few days, then these pesty bugs are right back snacking on my...
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    QUOTE (johnsawatzky @ Mar 3 2009, 04:47 PM) Hi, I am wondering if anyone with access to a foreclosure list could email me. Looking for property in Calgary and area. Possibly acreage. Also have an interested buyer looking to get in the market, maybe something in foreclosure. Thank you
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    6 Edmonton Condo`s For $0 Down

    I can help you to own between 1 and 6 Edmonton Queen Mary Park Condos for $0 Down! I`m looking for a solid person that I can trust to look after Edmonton Investment Properties. If you qualify for a 5% or a 10% insured investment property mortgage then I will be the money partner so that you...
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    Fort McMurray Cash Flow Opportunity - Low to 0 down.

    0 Down Fort Mac Investment Opportunity!!!Wow! Opportunities like this don`t come along every day! Here`s your chance to build some equity and increase your cash flow by investing in Fort McMurray revenue property. If you qualify for a 5% down mortgage I can help you to become an investor or...
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    0 Down Payment? / Cash Flow in Fort McMurray

    I`ve got a great property in Ft. Mac. that I`m looking at selling but would rather jv it with someone. If you qualify for a low down payment mortgage call me and see how I can help you get into a great cash flow property with low or 0 down payment. The tenants are my best ones ever and the...
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    Foreclosure Rescue Opportunities

    Foreclosure Rescue Opportunity!Here’s your opportunity to profit with Calgary Foreclosures!$43,500 below appraised value! Bright and open plan with vaulted ceilings in living room, dining room and kitchen. Master bedroom has 3 pc ensuite with walk in shower and his and her closets. Basement...
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    Calgary Foreclosure JV Opportunities

    I have a number of opportunities for Joint Venture partners to invest in foreclosure properties. These are not the 4 that your realtor knows about. There are about 140-170 a month in Calgary and surrounding area and the masses never know about them. We aggressively market to distressed...
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    I have $50k to invest in Calgary

    Thanks for your interest, somebody else got this one. Call me if you like the sounds of this and I`ll try to set something up for you. I`m looking for a JV partner who want`s to get involved with no money down and will qualify for a decent mortgage. I`ve got a great R2 Bungalow in the Marda...
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    Need Qualfying Partners No Cash Required

    This may be your chance to become an investor with nothing down! I`m looking for qualifying partners that can get a good mortgage (preferrably high ratio / insured financing) and want to take part in some of the work involved with managing an investment. Or people who would like to become...
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    Become a Homeowner Today! 0 down JV opportunity

    I`ve got a great investment property in Calgary that I need to sell, but would love to keep an interest in. If you have good credit, and borrowing power but no down payment money, call me and I`ll show you how we can make money together and make you a homeowner today. I will supply a 5%...
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    Who`s the best insurer for rentals?

    There`s been some talk at our REIN meetings about an insurer that will specialize in rentals... I`m currently with Wawanesa on most of my properties, but my insurance comes due in Feb and I`m switching brokerages at the same time because they no longer deal with Wawanesa... So, any advice on...
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    REIN membership

    Hi Greg, I put off becoming a member for a couple years because it was "too expensive". I went to quickstart, joined at that event, and my membership has paid for itself 1000`s of times over in terms of not making expensive mistakes and making educated buying decisions. Within 1 year of being...
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    Looking for a MaxWell Realtor in Fort McMurray to refer a client to.

    Thanks, I found somebody already... S.